Compromises are made for relationships... not wine.

Sir Robert Scott Caywood

Red Wines

Wine having a predominantly red color derived from the skin pigment in the red or other dark-colored grapes used in making it.

Origin : 1745-1755

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White Wines

Wine having a yellowish to amber color derived from the light-colored grapes used in production, or from dark grapes whose skin, pulp and seeds have been removed before fermentation.

Origin : 1250-1300, Middle English

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Big is Beautiful

Many vintners use large bottles to showcase good vintages, to mark the winery’s commemorative years or for charitable purposes.┬áBig wine bottles range in size from the magnum, which equals two standard bottles (1.5 litres), to the Melchior, which equals 24 standard bottles and weighs in at a table-warping 18 litres.

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